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About Melitopol

Welcome to Melitopol, the city of reliable partnership and hospitality!
Melitopol has a favourable geographic location, scientific resources, developed industry and skilled workforce. Melitopol famous  cherry orchards and multicultural heritage are known throughout Ukraine.

The city is located in south-eastern Ukraine at the crossing of two European highways E58 and E105.

It`s the only city in Ukraine where these highways cross.

In summer time road traffic in the city reaches the level of 45 000 vehicles per day, heading to the coasts of  the Azov and the Black seas.

Area: 49.6 sq. km2, population: 152 100 people
Established in 1784

The bright and dynamic logo proves Melitopol’s orientation towards development. The new logo has straddled the graphical images of honeycombs, machine gears coloured as the Ukrainian national flag, and the city’s name, which three letters lead to emergence of the sweet cherries image. The concise slogan “RIGHT HERE...” provides room for new wording depending on the context of its usage.

It should be noted that adoption of the developed brand by the city council had taken place shortly before City Day, enabling the community to celebrate it within a city environment filled with the new Melitopol logo.

The hystory of Melitopol brand

Melitopol has designed and approved the marketing strategy and the city brand with the support of international technical assistance project Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance (PLEDDG Project). The project consultants assisted representatives of the city authorities and the community throughout all stages of strategy development, working jointly to find the most effective solutions for promoting Melitopol.

The marketing strategy directs the efforts and resources of Melitopol residents toward supporting business by promoting opportunities available in the city, demonstrating openness to innovations and partnerships, and a vibrant cultural life. All activities are aimed at turning Melitopol into a tourist and business center famous both in Ukraine and abroad.

Melitopol is called the city of


There are located several large and about 100 small and medium enterprises of mechanical engineering, which are the basis for the production of electronic components for the automotive, road-building
and agricultural machinery.



10% of the city population are students



Melitopol selectionists created 40 varieties of cherries.
There are a lot of beekeepers around the city.
The first Honey center in Ukraine called “Health and Longevity” was opened in Melitopol

In 2008, Melitopol became the firstUkrainian city-member of the Council of Europe Program «Intercultural cities». Representatives of about 100 nationalities  peacefully coexist here for centuries.

Numerous green spaces are the lungs of Melitopol. Among them there is a piece of landscape art of national importance «Gorky Park» which became one of eight parks in Ukraine that were awarded the honorary award «Golden Tree».

In the park of the Irrigation Horticulture Station, where more than 30 species of fruit trees grow, the residents and visitors can experience a beautiful view of hundreds of flowering trees.

Natural resources

The city is situated on the river Molochna, which flows into the Molochniі Estuary. Once the river was the only source of water supply for Melitopol, but now the water comes from 36 artesian wells.
Geographical location of the city in the south east of Ukraine gives it a favourable proximity to agricultural fields as well as low labour costs from a large population from Zaporozhzhia, Kherson, Nikolaiv, Dnipro. Melitopol has a strong advantage in this respect.
Within a radius of 150 - 200 km from the city there is a rich source of raw materials: metal, fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, fish, and honey. These products naturally help to develop key sectors of the economy of the city.

Zaporizhzhia region is one of the largest producers of agricultural and food products among the regions of Ukraine.

Melіtopol is one of scientific and industrial centers of region. Due to the historical heritage, economic and geographical position and entrepreneurial residents in the city there are developed machinery, light and food industries.

On the territory of Melitopol there are several large and about 100 small and medium enterprises of mechanical engineering, which are the basis for the production of electronic components for the automotive, road-building and agricultural machinery, where about 20 000 products are done.

The main directions of production are:  assemblies, components and parts for the automotive and agricultural machinery; special equipment for industrial use; equipment for the needs of agriculture and the food industry etc.

Food industry in Melitopol was developed due to its proximity to developed agricultural areas of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. Main areas: meat processing; dairy products;  fat and oil products; bread and bakery products.

Light industry is represented by two of largest enterprises: sewing and knitting factory. Products: men's suits, uniforms, jerseys and more.

Most of the production is exported.