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Status: the city of regional significance

Area: 49.6 sq. km2

Established in 1784

                              Welcome to Melitopol, the city of reliable partnership and hospitality!

Melitopol has a favourable geographic location, scientific resources, developed industry and skilled workforce. Melitopol famous  cherry orchards and multicultural heritage are known throughout Ukraine.

We are open to mutual beneficial proffessional projects and ready to cooperate with international partners.

According to Melitopol Development Strategy the mission of the city is «Melitopol is a developing region attractive for investors with modern jobs and comfortable living conditions».

The city is located in south-eastern Ukraine at the crossing of two European highways E58 and E105.

It`s the only city in Ukraine where these highways cross.

In summer time road traffic in the city reaches the level of 45 000 vehicles per day, heading to the coasts of  the Azov and the Black seas.


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The bright and dynamic logo proves Melitopol’s orientation towards development.It has straddled the graphical images of honeycombs, machine gears coloured as the Ukrainian national flag, and the city’s name, which three letters lead to emergence of the sweet cherries image. The concise slogan “RIGHT HERE..." (means IT IS THE PLACE WHERE… provides room for new wording depending on the context of its usage.

More information:

Geographical location and climat



Melitopol city is located on the right bank of the Molochna River and refers to a group of the southern cities in Zaporizhzhia region. The total area is 49.66 square km. Distance to  regional center is 120 km, to the Azov Sea is  50 km.  Population is 157 thousand people.  Its name comes from  Greek «melitos». It means Honey city. From the beginning and for a long time Melitopol was the centre of Tauride province county, then the center of Melitopol district. It has a large number of architecture of XIX - early XX centuries

Distance to important cities, borders

(the available transport routes)


To Kyiv -  641 km
To Minsk - 1167 km
To Kishinev - 607 km
To Warsaw - 1406 km


Average annual rainfall


300-350 mm

Average temperature readings










                                                                2018                                                                                        153 585 people

Educational institutions

There are 2 state universities (pedagogical and agrotechnological), 4 branches of Ukrainian universities, 7 professional lyceums, 3 colleges in the city.
The system of education in the city of Melitopol consists of 23 secondary schools and 26 pre-school educational institutions




Transport and technical infrastructure

Roads, major highways


Road network: 345.87 km, including 179.46 km of hard-surfaced roads, 311.3 km - of local importance. Transit Railway.

The city is located in south-eastern Ukraine at the crossing of two European highways E58 and E105.
It`s the only city in Ukraine where these highways cross



Melitopol Railway Station of the Dnieper railway 

Air transport


In the city there is the cargo airport. Distance to the nearest international airports: Zaporizhzhia - 120 km; Dnipro - 215 km

Public transport


Public transport is represented by small buses called "route taxi" - 36 urban routes. The total length of passenger routes - 260.7 km. The city has two bus stationes

Water supply


Melitopol water supply is made from artesian wells (about 36) and the Novophillipovka and Melitopol intakes

Sewerage system


Public Utility Company VODOKANAL, tel:+38 (0619) 44-06-76   

Gas supply


JSC MELITOPOLGAZ, tel.:+38 (06192) 5-46-08

Electrical system


Melitopol city district of electric networks of "Zaporozheoblenergo", tel.: +38(0619) 42-23-65,+38(0619) 42-23-73



Rent enterprise of the heating systems, tel.: +38 (0619) 44-03-74 ; +38 (0619) 44-06-56 



National operator Ukrtelecom. Mobile Communications: Kyivstar, MTS, Life, Vodafone, Other

Local economy

Employment by sector, thousands of people (2012)




Tourism and recreation






The main indicators of socio-economic development

The volume of sales, mln. UAH


1835,8 (2015)

Average monthly wages, UAH


2856,6 (2015)

Foreign direct investments (equity), thous.$


58 (2015)

The volume of export, mln. $


68,8 (2015)

The volume of import, mln. $


15,3 (2015)

Quality of life

Health protection, units

Hospitals (municipal property), units



Municipal Centres, units



Related agencies


There are Maternity hospital, ambulance station, dental clinic, psychiatric clinic, TB Dispensary, Oncology Dispensary, Blood transfusion stations.

Private medical centers and laboratories



Pharmacies and pharmacy items




Cultural heritage


4 memo monumental art, 19 monuments of local history, 3 memo archaeologists, park - a reminder landscape art of national importance, 14 objects of architecture of the city, which have historical and cultural value. There is State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve "Stone Tomb" in Melitopol district.

Entertainment Facilities (private property)


Ethnographic Museum "Calais", modern theatre  "Vremya" ("Time"), Cinema "Pobeda" ("Victory"), art gallery "Art House", wellness centres "Vitamin", "Rozmarin", sport club "Terra-Sport" and others

Objects of culture (municipal property)


Palace of Culture named after Shevchenko +38 (0619) 42-25-52; Railwaymen's Palace of Culture +38 (0619) 47-74 21; Museum of Local Lore+38 (0619) 42-18-42


Major religions


Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate, community of Greek-Catholic Church, community of the Roman Catholic Church, muslim religious communities, buddhist communities, protestant denominations (Evangelical Christians-Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventist) and other

Recreation and Sports

Institutions of appropriate level


Melitopol has always been and remains one of the best sport cities in Zaporizhzhia region and even in Ukraine where more than 30 kinds of sport are cultivated and developed



Financial institutions

Major banks


Oschadbank +38(06192) 6-89-70

Privat Bank +38(0619) 43-55-06

Insurance companies


ASCA  +38(0619) 43-60-15

ORANTA NAIC +38(0619) 42-32-97, ORANTA WBC +38(06 192) 5-24-42

Industrial Insurance Alliance +38(06 192) 6-39-14

Government institutions

Law enforcement


City Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia region +38(06192) 6-82-65 ; +38(0619) 44-80-02

Rescue (name and contact agencies)


Melitopol Fire Rescue +38 (06192) 5-30-59;  +38(0619)43-80-33

Department of Emergency, Melitopol City Council  +38 (0619) 44-01-66     

Tax inspection


Melitopol joint state tax inspectorate +38 (0619) 42-65-20, State Tax Administration in the Zaporizhzhia region +38 (061) 226-03-97    

Local authority

Local council


Melitopol City Council +38 (0619) 44-06-13

Executive Committee of Melitopol City Council +38 (0619) 42-13-58     

Local Office of Economic Development


Strategic Development Department of the Executive Committee of Melitopol City Council:  +38 (06192) 6-18-50; +38 (0619) 44-06-18

Social and economic development Department of the Executive Committee of Melitopol City Council: +38 (06192) 6-33-85